What Should I Look For in My Moving Company?

Professional Moving Services in Laguna Hills, CAIn prepping for the big move, most people consider hiring help to get the job done. After thinking this, the next logical thought in their minds is the qualities they want in their moving company. Here at All-Ways Moving and Storage, we thought we’d put together a list in this month’s blog post to help those people who are still looking for the right moving team.

What to Look For

In finding the perfect moving company, the number one thing to look for is their accreditation status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB serves as a useful tool in determining the quality of a business or service. If the BBB rating of the company you’re looking at has a good grade, then they’re probably a great choice to go with.

Next, look at customer reviews of the company you’re considering. These can be found on Angie’s List or on Yelp. Both of these directories, along with several others, provide customer commentary on the company. It’s best to steer clear of a company whose previous customers were not satisfied with the service and left for an unfavorable review.

Finally, see if the company you want to go with has a good online presence. This includes social media – such as a Facebook page or a Google+ account – as well as a website and blog. It’s important for businesses nowadays to have a good online presence; without that, a business is harder to reach. Having an online persona means that business will use all avenues to serve its customers.

Choosing a Moving Company

In short, finding a moving company that you’re happy with can make for a completely stress-free moving experience. Isn’t that what we all wish for when we have to move? At All-Ways Moving and Storage, our customer reviews, online presence, and our BBB rating speaks for itself. Let us help you! 949-768-0220

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