Why Does It Matter If My Moving Company is BBB-Accredited?

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When a business makes the effort to become accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is ensuring several things for its customer. From its overall rating to the years it’s been in business, the BBB rating contains all the information a customer would need to know. It is an important listing for any business to have; so let’s discuss in this post what a listing states and why that matters.

BBB Listing

A Better Business Bureau listing tells it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And this is exactly what a customer needs to know. They need to know if they company they’re planning on using has a lower grade than another moving company in town. Customers also need to know if the moving company that claims experience has the history to back that up. This is all found out by the BBB listing.

What It Says About a Business

You see, getting an accreditation and listing with the BBB can be a risk for companies. If the customers who have had negative experiences go to the BBB listing and leave a bad review, that is visible to everyone. A company is really putting its name on the line with a public listing. But for some, the risk is worth it. If a company lists with the BBB, they’re stating that they feel confident enough in their customer satisfaction to receive public ratings and let that be seen by potential new customers.

Our BBB Rating Matters to Us

Here at All-Ways Moving and Storage, we recognize that by listing ourselves with the BBB and becoming accredited, we’re risking our reputation. However, we’re confident enough that customers are satisfied every time with every move. That’s a risk we’re willing to take. Call us now for your next Laguna Beach¬†move. 949-768-0220

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